Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I "mustache" you a question...

I have become slightly obsessed with the mustache motif over the past few months. I have no idea why and where that obsession came from. However, I have felt the need to bring it into my classroom. The first item up on the mustache agenda was doing a Mustache Measuring activity. This past week, we have been learning how to measure using different items. To make things fun, I bought fake little mustaches for all the kiddos and myself of course to wear while we were measuring different length mustaches. The kids had a blast. 

I then happened to run into a fabulous new website called The Night Owl. You guys seriously have to check out this  site. They are a graphic design company based in South Florida who  create adorable things for teachers including tshirts and prints for your classroom. Not only does she sell things, but she also has a teachers lounge where she features teachers who share their tips and secrets for a successful classroom. Check out my darling tshirt I scooped up on their shop
It went along perfect with my week of mustache activities. The kiddos thought it was hilarious. 
If you want to rock a mustache tshirt or check out any of their other amazing products check out their website here

Until next time...Happy Teaching

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