Sunday, February 1, 2015

Stop…..Penguin Time

While most people are either celebrating or crying over the big game tonight, I am busy in my office trying to hurry and put up a post all about penguins. Boring…I know!
For the past three weeks, my kiddos have braved the cold arctic weather and dove right in to learn everything they could about penguins. For the first two weeks we did a general overview about penguins: Where they live, what they eat, etc. We also learned about the blubber that penguins have that keeps them warm during the cold winter months. Using a tub of Crisco and some ice water, my kiddos predicted whether or not they thought that blubber would keep their hands warm in the ice water. They absolutely loved it! We also did a follow up activity where they had to draw what keeps them warm in the winter.

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After a fun filled 2 weeks of penguin basics, we spent the final week learning about different types of penguins. One of the penguin types we learned about were emperor penguins. I made a "life size" emperor penguin cutout measuring 44"tall. I had all the kiddos stand next to it and using their nifty measuring math terms, had to tell whether or not they were taller, shorter, or the same height as an emperor penguin.
After we did this we brainstormed as a group, all the things that are the same height as an emperor penguin. Then we wrote about it! If you would like my writing template that I used click here

And of course at the end of the unit, I had to display all my kiddos AMAZING work. 

Well there you have it folks…Penguin Time in a nutshell. Hope you guys enjoyed it and got some new ideas!


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